How to Easy FRP Bypass APK for your Samsung Device:

This tutorial teaches you how to manually bypass the FRP of your Samsung phone. The tutorial might work with other Android phone models, too.

If you've bought your phone from a 3rd party and they forgot to remove their FRP from the phone before selling the phone, then it means that you are locked out of the device and you cannot use it. If you can't contact the other person and ask them to tell you the Google account credentials, then you won't be able to use the device.

Before trying to apply the steps below you should first attempt to factory reset the device from the Recovery Mode of your device. Note that the guides below should work for Android 8.0 and earlier versions.

NOTE: the tutorial will take a while to complete, so make sure that you have enough battery left before it powers off.

If you want to learn how to manually bypass the FRP of your Samsung device you should check the info below:

  1. Turn on your device.
  2. When the Welcome screen loads you can click the Start button.
  3. Connect the phone to your home Wi-Fi.
  4. After the device gets connected to your Wi-Fi you should press three times on the Home button of your device.
  5. TalkBack tutorial will be loaded.
  6. Make an L gesture on the left side of the screen and the Global Context Menu will load.
  7. Tap "talkback settings".
  8. Press three times Home button to disable Talkback.
  9. Scroll down through the Talkback Settings and find "help & feedback" option. Tap it once.
  10. Now tap once on the "get started with Voice Access".
  11. A new page with an youtube video will be shown.
  12. Tap the Play button on the video. The video will refresh and you will then see two icons on the right-hand side of the video screen.
  13. Tab the "forward"/"share" icon.
  14. Now press on the "three dots" option and YouTube will load.
  15. Minimize the video by dragging it from top to bottom.
  16. Next, click on the Account icon on the right hand side of your screen.
  17. Now tap on "Terms & privacy policy". The Web Browser will now be loaded.
  18. In the address bar enter "" url and then download the Apex Launcher apk.
  19. Save the file on your phone.
  20. After that go to "" and download the Easy FRP Bypass apk.
  21. Save that file on your phone, too.
  22. Now go to the Download History menu of your phone's web browser.
  23. Tap on the Apex Launcher apk file.
  24. Confirm that you want to allow apps to be installed from unknown sources.
  25. After Apex Launcher is installed you can go to Settings>Apps and tap the "three dots".
  26. Tap "show system apps".
  27. Find the Google Account Manager and disable it.
  28. Next, find Google Play Services and disable that, too.
  29. Now go to Downloads in your device and launch the Easy FRP Bypass apk.
  30. After the Easy FRP Bypass is installed you can go to the Accounts menu in Settings and setup the Google account for your device.

Make sure to re-enable the Google Account Manager and Google Play Services from the Settings>Apps section.